Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beetles - Our first Lesson Together

Hi Everyone,

All of the room 7 kids agreed, that 'Beetles' would be a great theme for our first art lesson for the year.I made a PowerPoint, that featured loads of colourful beetles, from pictures taken from Google Images.We spent time talking about colour and shape and symmetry, before we started to make our own beetles.

After that we set to work inventing beetles using art and craft materials from our store room.
There were lots of different ideas about how to go about completing the project and Deb, Helena and I took a step back so that the kids could show us what they can do and what they know and understand.

Some important lessons from this session included:
  • Patience when others are using the resources you need to share.
  • Understanding that we all see the world from our own perspective and bring different skills and experiences to the craft table.
  • Process really is more important than the product.
  • Art does not need to be 'perfect' to be enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Sometimes mistakes create lovely, artistic surprises.
  • Some of us are a bit heavy handed with the glue !

That is why we always show, what everyone has made.
I think you will agree, that they did an excellent job.


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