Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joan Miro - Painting

Hand Catching a Bird

Ballerina II

Running Man

Hi Everyone,

This week we had a look at some of the paintings of the artist, Joan Miro. We looked closely at pictures that we downloaded from Google Images and discovered that lots of people have borrowed Miro's ideas, to create paintings of their own. Our favourite paintings were the ones above.

Our Middle Years artists could hardly wait to have a go at painting some of their own. We used pastel crayons and food colouring to make our artworks. There was a quiet excitement, throughout the room, for the whole session. Everyone was pleased with the art works that they had created.

One of us had a great time, using up all the extra food colouring to make a totally unrelated, self portrait project, before we packed up for the day. I love it when students do that.

Some things we learned from our session this week, that were not in the lesson plan :
  • Food colouring looks better and brighter than poster paint and washes off really easily - thankfully.
  • A little bit of food colouring goes a long, long way, especially when you drop it on the floor.
  • If you apply too much food colouring, you can blot it off by putting another sheet of paper over the top and the best part is, it makes another print.
  • Use the cheap, butcher's paper to blot, not the expensive stuff, or Sue won't be impressed.
  • Tarps over the tables work much better than covering them with newspaper.
  • Some of us work better when there are only a few people at the paint table, because the movement of others is too difficult to predict and makes us feel anxious.
  • All of us are capable of more than we realise.

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